Newsletter n°52 - February 2016
General Informations


Anglais + / Section Internationale
Educational Grants 2016-2017 :
Application files to be submitted before 29 February 2016, (click here for more 'information)

School fees for the academic year 2016-2017
Fundraising : Active fundraising campaign
LFS shop : new opening hours!
Plan Vigipirate : Security measures from the French Education Ministry

Careers :
Recruitment drive 2016-2017
- Job vacancies

Settlement of the 2nd trimester school fees : Until Wednesday 20th of january.
Re-enrolment 2016-2017 : The re-enrolment survey will be sent to you by mail on 10 February 2016
Safety : Accessing the LFS
School transportation


Thursday 11 February :The LFS celebrates Chinese New Year!
Friday 19 February : LFS Carnival
20 february to 6 march : Public holidays
Until 9 March : Photo Competition on the theme "Man (men) and Culture(s) in Singapore"
Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 March : Régis Maynard Concerts
Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 March : Science Fair at the LFS

Wednesday 16 March : Educational Committee
17 to 19 March : SIMUN

21 to 24 March : Francophonie Week
29 March to 1 April : Press Week
COP 21 permanent exhibition, Physics and Chemistry project exhibition (Buildings A and C, 4th floor)


Half-yearly ECA second period
Monday 15 February: Starting date of the half-yearly ECA
Saturday 4 June: End of half-yearly and yearly ECA


Library resources
From 15 to 19 February:Presence of author Miguel Bonnefoy, in relation with the literary Prix Segalen
Meetings with the 2nde, and 1ère students.


The LFS was awarded the School Green Award "Orchid Award" prize 2015

Month of january : Publication of the Webmag issue n°8
Wednesday 10 February: VEGA concert, 6.00 to 8.00 pm, Ang Mo Kio 3000 amphitheatre
Tuesday 8 March: Humanitarian Group meeting,8.45 am, room G101
Saturday 9 April: 16th Walkathon; starting at 2.00 pm.

Appel aux volontaires!

Registrations closed !
60 team, 27 countries, 5 continents, 360 young athletes and 30 young web reporters and 120 coaches!

Gazette de l'orientation (The Educational and Career Guidance Newsletter)
AGORA-AEFE on Facebook!
The LFS is looking for companies willing to offer internships to the 2nde students
Wednesday 10 February: Visio-conference Which career opportunities after a management schoo at 5:15pm
Tuesday 8 March: Visio-conference ECSE / EBS / ECE at 5:15pm

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- Sign-up

En bref

Taiwanese students’ visit to LFS
Visit to the MOELC
Conference on tobacco
Student's Forum
Conference about the dangers of social networks
LFS Alumni Reunion

Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School

Friday 12 February: Field trip to the zoo – PSA and PSB
Monday 7 March: Primary School Committee
15 and 16 March: Blindness workshop for GS classes (in partnership with the association Krousar Thmey)
Thursday 17 March: Class photo

Wednesday 10 February: Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPG
Thursday 11 February:
- Field trip to the “Sota Drama Theatre” for the CE1 classes
- Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPK

Friday 12 February:
- 8.50 am: Concert CM2 A, C, D, I and J
- 9.50 am: Concert CM2 B, E, F, G and H

15 to 19 February: School trip to Krabi for CM2 E and F
Wednesday 17 February: Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPA
Thursday 18 February: Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPL
20 and 21 February: PMUN (Primary MUN) at Overseas Family School
Monday 7 March: Primary School Committee
Tuesday 8 March: Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert for the CE1 and CE2 classes.
Friday 11 March: Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPB
Tuesday 15 March: Opera discovery for CP classes
Friday 18 March: Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPH
Thursday 24 March: Field trip to the Pinacothèque museum CPJ

Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 February: P.E. baccalaureate examinations.
Saturday 13 February: Foreign languages 1 and 2 (LV1 and LV2) mock oral examinations
15 to 19 February: Mock baccalaureate examinations
Friday 19 February: Mock preliminary baccalaureate examinations, 1ères.
Thursday 10 March: Oral examinations, 1ères.
13 to 18 March:
- 1ères L school trip to Cambodia
-2nde school trip to India

Monday 14 March:
- Oral comprehension exam, LV1
- TPE evaluation 1ère S

Tuesday 15 March:
- Oral comprehension exam, LV2
- TPE evaluation 1ère ES

Wednesday 16 March: Maths Olympics
Wednesday 23 March: TPE evaluation 1ère L

Rédacteur en chef : Martin Courmont
Comité de rédaction : Marie Chauvin, Bernard Pujol