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Making French education accessible to all !

« Education is all about building bridges » (R. Ellison)

French Passerelle is a dedicated program designed to welcoming non French-speaking children throughout the curriculum at Lycée Français de Singapour


Promoting cultural and intellectual openness and exchange

Welcoming new communities, especially non French-speaking children

Accompanying all children towards integration and success


French Passerelle offers an easy, adapted and modular access to French education to all families in Singapore

- Personalized support for the child’s progress throughout his or her time at Lycée Français de Singapour

- Buddy system to help the child with his or her social integration at Lycée Français de Singapour

- Family integration through regular face-to-face meetings and outings

- Clear commitment between the school and the family


As neither my wife or I have any French background or connections, the decision to raise our daughter bi-lingually in French and English was purely a choice that we made.

Without having a French speaker at home, you need to create that environment through other means. I would be happy to share with others how I did this and also to reassure them that, yes, it is possible.

A specific curriculum depending on the child’s age
From Kindergarten to Elementary
- Immersion program in classes with children of French and non-French backgrounds

- French language lessons for a minimum of 1 hour each day in small groups with a qualified teacher

- In primary, possibility to have a schedule « à la carte » to address specific needs

Parent’s commitment is key to success:

Promote French at home through TV, books, lessons at l’Alliance Française
Attend regular « meeting the teacher » sessions

We recognize the challenge for older children and have adapted the curriculum accordingly

-A dedicated class of 10 to 12 non-French speaking children
-Individual support for a progressive integration over a full year in a standard class
-Partnership with Alliance Française to help children level up in French: 2 phases of intensive classes
-Immersion in pairs in standard classes
-Buddy system with French school students: organisation of cultural and sportive events
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For an admission in Kindergarten or Primary
- Standard application form:
- Assessment tests to understand the level of support needed by the student: comprehension questions on a text to read
For an admission in 6ème or 5ème (grade 6 or 7)
- Standard application form:
- Admission tests to validate key knowledge in the native language
- Clear commitment between the school and the family through signature of a formal agreement
For an admission from 4ème onwards (grade 8)
- Standard application form:
- B1 level in French

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Please send us your questions at frenchpasserelle@lfs.edu.sg

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